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School Bullying

NELDC  Framework for School Wide Bullying Prevention 
School Bullying is an unacceptable behavior that adults and students have a responsibility to stop. Schools must have clear and comprehensive prevention practices and policies that address all forms of bullying and harassment and emphasize prevention; timely, consistent intervention; social-emotional supports victims and bullies; and clear, effective discipline. We work with educators, students, and families to ensure that every child feels safe at, and on the way to and from, school.
‚ÄčOne of the hardest things to do to a bully is to confront them. Harder still is to do it without making the problem worse.
We Provide  comprehensive services to victims of school bullying including the following:
  •  Facilitate the Implementation of  timely and consistent prevention and intervention strategies.
  •  Provide educational, social, emotional, and mental health supports for students involved in bullying, including bullies, victims, and bystanders.

  •  Encourage positive discipline.

  • Professional Development on School bullying
  • Elicit engagement and commitment by all members of the school community. 

  • Alternative School Programs

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