Learning Disability and ADHD


 NELDC is a small nonprofit organization serving all students, especially students who are having difficulty with learning and/or school behavior. Many of the students   that come to us are very bright, yet continue to struggle in school.   Our goal is to provide students the opportunity, foundation and learning strategy to feel successful academically and to raise their self-esteem. 

Our Home School program is a collaboration of parents and educators resulting in having one of the best educational programs available.  Our overseas partners are located in Greece, China, India and the United Arab Emirates.  

In addition to providing educational advocacy and educational consulting, we provide assessment services.  Our Assessment services include providing  Independent Educational Evaluations  (IEE) including School Psychology and Neuro-psychological Evaluations  for school age students and for school purposes only.    The best way to reach us is to fill out the contact information page or send us an email or text. 

Testing and Evaluation 




Testing and Evaluation

Psychological Evaluation
Intelligence Testing
Achievement Testing
Neuro-psychological Testing  

School Issues 

School Issues

 Learning Disability                     Math 
 Reading/Dyslexia                        Written Expression

 Study Skills



The New England Learning and Development Center’s independent evaluation program will pinpoint specific strengths and challenges affecting your child learning and or behavioral challenges. We provide parents with a good understanding how their child can learn as well as providing educators with strategies and support to improve academic performance, increase self-confidence and develop success in school and in life.

Independent Educational Evaluation

Treatment of ADHD

Since 2001, we have helped children diagnosed with ADHD and other learning issues excel in school.  Many parents have come to us after stimulant medications “stopped working” or are causing side effects.  We work with your child’s pediatrician so that instead of your child ending up on higher and higher doses of ADHD medication, your child becomes well behaved and focused often without the need of any ADHD medications.

Our approach to helping kids with ADHD is unique in that we focus on the interfering factors that are causing the attention and focusing difficulties, rather than masking the symptoms of ADHD.  Computer programs like Pearson’s Cog Med Program and the IFOCUS program have been proven to have a dramatic positive effect on attention and focusing behaviors.

ADHD Knowledge