When a child enters the classroom, they bring with them their enthusiasm to learn as well as challenges. Even gifted students may face difficulties in school that can leave kids feeling frustrated, anxious, and inadequate.

NELDC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving children the tools and support they need to master their learning challenges and succeed in school. Our center provides a range of services, from psychological evaluations and achievement testing, individualized education plans (IEP), and skills interventions and remediation to providing a homeschool program including programs for the gifted and talented child. In addition, we also evaluate emotional and social skills functioning to help ameliorate anxiety and issues with self-esteem that can impact learning.

We work with parents and schools to help children who have been diagnosed with dyslexia and other reading problems, dysgraphia and other writing problems, mathematics disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), visual-spatial weaknesses and other nonverbal learning problems, autism, and speech and language difficulties.

Neuroplasticity and ADHD

The old attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) story goes like this: My brain is broken, it has ADHD and therefore I can expect to have lots of problems. The new ADHD story goes like this: My brain has a difference called ADHD and we shows us that we can change our brain by what we do and how hard we can change our behavior.

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