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New England Learning and Development Center for Educational  Evaluation

We provide comprehensive evaluations for elementary, middle, and high school age children. Our evaluations are for school centered issues, which makes us different from getting an evaluation at New England Medical Center or Boston Children's Hospital. In fact, many parents come to us after their child has already had a neuropsychological evaluation, only to find their child continues to have school difficulty.

Educational Services Offered:

  • Focus on school issues.
  • Combine educational assessment with educational advocacy, so you do not have too go to a team meeting alone.
  • No long waiting period for your child to be tested and our reports are not done on the "assembly line".
  • We help you get through the paperwork to get your school district to pay for the report.

We have a very high success rate because, we provide both assessment and educational services, attend school meetings, as well comming up with practical recommendations for the learning or behavior issues. We continue to work with family until school success is achieved. In most instances our evaluations are provided at no cost to the parent. 

Our  evaluations can address:

  • Strengths and weaknesses in academics
  • Difficulty with Reading, Math and with Written Expression
  • Developmental delays, intellectual or social disabilities
  • Strengths and weakness in basic academic skills and learning
  • Problems with inattention, memory or executive functioning
  • Problems with behavioral adjustment or emotional functioning such as school phobia or anxiety

We consider the whole child, the family, school, and community in the evaluation process. During the evaluation process, an individualized testing plan is designed by the evaluator, based on the unique needs of the child or adolescent and the questions to be answered within the evaluation.

Types of Assessment:

INTELLIGENCE TESTING: We conduct a thorough evaluation of a student’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses, which can include assessing developmental delays, intellectual giftedness, intellectual disabilities, kindergarten readiness, language and communication skills, nonverbal reasoning skills, and processing speed.

ACHIEVEMENT TESTING: Educational testing examines academic achievement in order to determine the student’s skill level in areas of reading, mathematics and writing. The psychoeducational assessment can determine the student’s academic strengths and determine if the student has a specific learning disability such as dyslexia. Academic testing results lead to detailed educational recommendations that can be used to create Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs) for Special Education, 504 Plans, and well as general educational planning.

ASSESSMENT OF EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONING: Neuropsychological assessments include testing in the areas of memory and attention skills, including testing for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The testing can also include assessment of executive functioning such as planning and organizational skills.

SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL FUNCTIONING: Assessments may include evaluation of the student’s behavioral, emotional, and social skills which may affect a child or adolescent's functioning at home and at school. We can include measures of depression, anxiety and adaptive skills in the testing, as well as provide a specific psychiatric diagnosis as is necessary.

FUNCTIONAL BEHAVIORAL ASSESSMENT:  Student who continue to have difficulty with school behavior often benefit from having this assessment, as it helps with the develoment of a behavior plan that actually works.

INDEPENDENT EDUCATIONAL EVALUATIONis one that is conducted by a qualified examiner who is not employed by the school district.  Public expense means that the school district either pays for the full expense of the evaluation or ensures that it is provided at no cost to you. The school staff is responsible for planning your child's educational plan, and is required to consider the information presented in the  IEE. You may also obtain an independent evaluation, at private expense at any time.

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The New England Diagnostic and Learning Center is a non-profit organization, founded by a school psychologist whose son was diagnosed with ADHD.