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First Edition November 2012


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Outcomes of Applied Behavior Analysis Interventions on Minority vs. Majority Students:
A Matched Case Control Study
Toni Saunders  M.A. 

 * Dr.S.K.Zareena     ** Vatsala  V.M.


Infinite Potential Program's Treatment of ADD/HD in Children by
Cortical Integrative Therapy: A Pilot   by James Paicpolos

Cultural Differences of Learning and Achievement   Of  Chinese and American Elementary and Middle School Students

Pipeline from School to Prison

Malnourshied Middle Class Kids in America

Manuscript Submission Guidelines Gifted Education International is a peer reviewed journal that provides support, information and guidance on all aspects of gifted education and education for the Learning Disabled and Gifted. The journal welcomes theoretical and practical papers that provide guidelines for the development of education as a facilitating process. If papers are based on theory, they must include practical applications for learning and teaching. The editor also welcomes articles that focus on the upliftment of prejudice and disadvantage.
The journal also accepts articles based on real life experiences from individuals who are Gifted and Talented, or who serve the Gifted and talented.