path to learning

Are you worried about your child not getting the help they need in school?

Does your child continue to struggle with reading, writing or doing math?

Has your child been diagnosed with ADHD or a behavior or a learning disorder?
NELDC is a nonprofit organization,  serving students who are having difficulty with learning and/or school behavior. Many of the students that come to us are very bright, yet continue to struggle in school.   Our goal is to provide students the opportunity, foundation and learning strategy to feel successful academically and to raise their self-esteem.
 Testing and Evaluation                       School Issues                          Behavioral Issues

The New England Learning and Development Center's independent educational evaluation program will pinpoint the specific strengths and challenges affecting your child's learning and or behavioral challenges.

We provide parents with a good understanding how their child can learn as well as providing educators with strategies and support to improve academic performance, increase self-confidence and develop success in school and in life.