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 Is Your Child's Behavior the Sign of a Learning Disability?

Your child's teacher tells you that your son is having trouble sitting still in class. Each day, homework turns into  teary-eyed, arguing with  your child just to get him finish his homework.  Your teen is is failing math and science and the teachers are telling you it is all your daughter's  fault.

The New England Learning and Diagnostic Center is a nonprofit oganization that provides educational services to  students who have learing or behavioral difficulty in school.   Many of the students  that come to us are actually in the  talented and gifted range of ability, yet continue to struggle in school. 

Our Learning  Disablities and Behavior  Asssements have resulted in academic gains in reading and math of more than two grade levels in a single year.  The Psychoeducational Evaluation may include  a review of records, cognitive assessment, school observations and consultation as well as educational testing.  We accept studenets regardless of their parents ability to pay for our services, as funds are available

NELDC's   Educational Advocates  make sure your child's education rights are protected.  

James Paicopolos founded the New England Learning and Diagnostic center, after his youngest son of 3 boys was diagnosed with ADHD in the first grade. The school was trying very hard to force his child onto ADHD medication, even though his son was 2 grade levels above his peers on acheivement testing.  At the same time, he was seeing  many children in the school that he worked, as a school psychologist  being prescribed ADHD medications, with little or no effect on their school performance or behavior.   James has also worked in Saudi Arabia and  China,  both as a school psychologist and as a teacher.



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The New England Diagnostic and Learning Center is a non-profit organization, founded by a school psychologist whose son was diagnosed with ADHD.