The  New England Learning and Diagnostic Center is a small nonprofit organization  established in 2001 serving students and their families.    
If your child is having difficulty with learning, attention or behavior, contact us today.
95% success rate!


Phone:  (508) 717-4110   (877) 623-3724


Diagnostic and Assessment Services
New England Learning and  Diagnostic Center  offers a broad range of comprehensive educational evaluations  to give parents and teachers an understanding of their school age (Pre K-12) children who may face challenges in cognitive, academic, behavior  and social development.  

Our goal is to help you to get the help your child needs to succeed.  We have a very high success rate because, we provide both  assessment and educational Advocacy.
Educational Programs
Our educational programs provide help with Learning, attention, study skills social skills and behavior.  Our programs include a home school program and a program for learning disabled and talented and gifted students.

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The New England Diagnostic and Learning Center is a non-profit organization, founded by a school psychologist whose son was diagnosed with ADHD.